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Navigating uncharted waters takes a special kind of captain. The innovator captains are comprised of a tiny percentage of adventurous, curious, and brave people who endeavor to push out into the great unknown and discover a better way for the future for everyone.  Our innovators offer well-researched dental and orthodontic continuing education from actual results, making learning concise and entertaining.

Expert Fast Track

Cut years off of your learning curve with guidance from our top experts, rather than your own trial-and-error.

Based on Real Cases

We ironed out many of the new technology kinks on our cases to offer you the laser-focused practical application. 

Focused on Results

Efficient methods and techniques using the latest innovations that actually perform in the clinic.

All-New from Dr. Jeremy Manuele

AIRWAY 360: A Dental Practitioner's Guide to Airway Physiology and Sleep Disordered Breathing

A thorough and research-backed course with a focus on what dental professionals should know right now about airway.  Available for a short time with 1.5 continuing education hours through AGD PACE, including a bonus 3D superimposition tutorial.

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Proud Partners of The Aligner Intensive Fellowship 

We have been administering their courses since 2018 and became their official joint CE provider in 2023 after seeing a need for responsive, reliable CE services in the orthodontics field.

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