Get a solid foundation on Airway for Orthodontic Treatment with Dr. Jeremy Manuele.  This is the Airway unit from his comprehensive MARPE 360 Course as a standalone course with 1.5 hours CE.

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AIRWAY 360: A Dental Practitioner's Guide to Airway Physiology and Sleep Disordered Breathing

Upon course completion, participants will know the following:

Understanding the Dentally Relevant Aspects of Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) and Airway Physiology:

  • Identifying the repercussions of mouth breathing, including its symptoms and impacts on oral health.
  • Exploring the critical roles of nitric oxide and carbon dioxide in breathing and oxygenation.

Recognizing and Screening for Signs and Symptoms of Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB):

  • Learning to identify signs and symptoms such as enlarged tonsils and adenoids, asthma, gingival inflammation, and poor facial growth.
  • Utilizing SDB/OSA screening tools and suggestions to effectively classify and understand the diagnoses of SDB/OSA in both adults and children.

Analyzing the Causes and Effects of Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) and how to Utilize CBCT Volumetric Airway Analysis:

  • Examining the causes and effects of SDB, including acid reflux, poor growth, obesity, bruxism, and ADHD.
  • Applying CBCT volumetric airway analysis to understand its relevance as a screening tool for SDB/OSA.

Evaluating Treatment Options and Learn how to Collaborate with Medical Professionals on SDB/OSA Management:

  • Exploring the roles of ankyloglossia and myofunctional therapy, along with contemporary medical devices and procedures available for SDB/OSA treatment.
  • Assessing the 2019 American Association of Orthodontists white paper on OSA, discussing its limitations and how it can guide orthodontists in engaging with SDB treatment in collaboration with medical colleagues.

Bonus Module: Learn how to seamlessly create 3D CBCT Superimpositions with Tx Studio (in-vivo) Software:

  • Learn to create detailed 3D before-and-after CBCT superimpositions, from importing and aligning volumes to seamlessly scrolling through slices and efficiently saving these superimpositions for future use.

For All Dental Professionals

Participants are not required to have any prerequisites for this course. All dental professionals welcome.

Course Duration

June 10th to August 10th 2024
2-month course with 1.5 hours of video content and guaranteed 6 months access to all content and community discussion areas.

Teaching Methods

Online Video Lectures
Downloadable Written Articles
Supporting Handouts
Virtual Group Discussions

Your Instructor

Las Vegas native Dr. Jeremy Manuele had a lifelong dream of becoming an orthodontist. After graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine from UNLV, where he now offers his time as an educator.  He completed his Orthodontics residency at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

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Words from Our MARPE 360 Participants:

"Awesome course.  Jeremy has a genuine willingness to share his knowledge and makes this procedure more evidence-based."
— S. Yashesh

"I just finished Dr. Manuele's course on the MARPE procedure and I am very impressed by the quality of its content.  Dr. Manuele goes through every step of the process, from diagnostic to appliance delivery and potential complications.  I recommend this course to everyone interested in learning more about this topic."
— JF Masse

Continuing Education

This training activity is designated for 1.5 self-paced learning Continuing Education (CE) credits.

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Candid Feedback about Dr. Jeremy Manuele

Sean K. Carlson 

"Just sayin’, if you're a doctor looking to dive into miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE) in your orthodontic practice, this is an exceptional course regardless of your stage in the journey. The content is super impressive. I’ve seen a lot on this subject, and rarely do I find a course with this kind of breadth. Dr. Jeremy Manuele stands out as one of those rare instructors who not only delivers authentic content but infuses it with an authentic style. He’s really easy to listen to. Egos have been checked at the door."


    Meet Your Presenter Jeremy Manuele, DMD

Years ago, Dr. Manuele went on a mission to broaden his knowledge of skeletal expansion. Now he's passionate about sharing what he's learned in his brand-new MARPE 360 course.


Las Vegas native Jeremy Manuele, often referred to as "Dr. J," had a lifelong dream of becoming an orthodontist. After graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine from UNLV, he made his dream a reality by completing a two-year Orthodontics residency at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. In 2017, Dr. J officially became a partner at Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics, where he practices today alongside Dr. R. Cree Hamilton.

Passion for Knowledge and Education

At his practice, Dr. J is a driving force for continually learning and incorporating new technology and new software to improve his patients' case outcomes. He discovered a love of teaching orthodontics to others and works as a part-time educator at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine.

Service and Personal Life

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and step-father in the service, Dr. J joined the Army National Guard at age 17. Soon after marrying the love of his life, Nicole, he served in Ramadi, Iraq for 18 months with the 222nd field artillery unit as a gunner. After returning back home, he continued pursuing his orthodontics education and currently serves as a Major in a local medical unit.

Dr. J, his wife Nicole, and their four beautiful children Bailey, Carter, Maycee, and Weston love spending time together enjoying the Nevada outdoors.

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Dr. Manuele has been featured by

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Dr. Jeremy Manuele's Inteview with Airway Answers

 MARPE 360 Course Discussion with Nicole Goldfarb

with Dr. Jeremy Manuele

"Join us on a journey through the intricate world of orthodontics with our guest, Dr. Jeremy Manuele, as we delve into how the field has evolved to prioritize airway health alongside dental aesthetics. Discover the groundbreaking impact of 3D-imaging and non-surgical skeletal expansion techniques in enhancing our ability to address the root causes of dental issues. Dr. Manuele, with his rich background in the Army National Guard and expertise in orthodontics, brings to light the importance of mentorship and collaboration as he introduces us to his MARPE 360 online course—a beacon for spreading knowledge on improving airway health in both adults and teens.

Venture into the finer details of orthopedic expansion, learning about the nuanced differences between appliances such as custom and non-custom palatal expanders, and how these are revolutionizing treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs. Listen closely as Dr. Manuele and I dissect the physiological benefits of these techniques, particularly their role in reducing nasal resistance and promoting better breathing. Our conversation invites you to grasp the connection between our oral structures and our overall health, and how the integration of various systems including myofunctional therapy, are key to successful patient outcomes.

As we wrap up this enlightening discussion, feel the excitement for the future of airway-focused orthodontics with an upcoming partnership that promises to elevate MARPE education. Dr. Manuele’s forthcoming collaboration with leading professionals teases an era of enhanced learning and mentoring for practitioners eager to expand their expertise. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Manuele for sharing his invaluable insights and a reminder to our listeners: keep an eye out for more from these innovative minds, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of patient care in orthodontics."
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"As orthodontists enjoy greater control over clear aligner treatment plans, staging has emerged as a critical factor. In this webinar, Dr. Manuele will describe the advantages of strategically staging a case to make difficult movements more predictable, limit refinements and use the fewest aligners. He will share cases as well as his experience with what works and what does not and how he performs chair-side refinements. This often-requested topic is best suited for those with a working knowledge of uDesign®."
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Case studies about a technique that shows promise for growth modification in Class III patients

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"Over the past few decades, orthodontics has undergone significant transformations because of technological advancements and innovative ideas. However, every innovative idea we see today was once met with skepticism and resistance from the orthodontic community because there was little to no evidence to support it at the time. TADs, surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy and clear aligners are just a few examples."
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Dr. Jeremy Manuele on the Orthopreneurs Podcast

Doing Good, Saving Time with uLab and Airway Orthodontics w/ Dr. Jeremy Manuele

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"Our guest today is Dr. Jeremy Manuele. He is a Las Vegas native and also practices from there. His journey to becoming an orthodontist is similar to many others. He received orthodontic treatment, which he credits for turning his life around during a difficult time. He then did his Bachelors's (BS) and Dental (DMD) degrees at UNLV, graduating summa cum laude and was inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Dental Society. He proceeded to New Orleans, Louisiana, at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, where he completed a two-year residency in the specialty of Orthodontics."
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